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Line Items

‘Line’ Items: World Cup Edition

“Beautiful Game”and Not-So-Pretty Agenda – Add soccer to all the other distractions in Washington as lawmakers f

‘Line’ Items: Pitching, Polls, and the New Charity of Choice

Making the Pitch – With much of Washington eagerly anticipating the debut of Stephen Strasburg on the mound tomorrow, the re

‘Line’ Items: Recess and Rescissions

Lots of Assignments Due After Recess – Lawmakers are home this week for the Memorial Day recess.

‘Line’ Items: Getting Out of Town Edition

Heavy Congressional Workload Before Break – Congress has a busy week ahead before it leaves town for next week’s Memorial Day recess....

‘Line’ Items: Deeming, Dreaming, Votes and Quotes

Little Resolve for Budget Resolution – Leaders in the House have yet to make a final decision on moving forward with a FY201

‘Line’ Items: Greek Tragedy Edition

From Sophisticated to Sophocles – The untangling of the complex web of financial manipulation and deceit arising from the &l

‘Line’ Items: Derby Edition

Super Saver Cashes In – Those who couldn’t resist the irony of betting it all on a horse named Super Saver were reward

‘Line’ Items: Draft Edition

Budget Resolution Drafted – The NFL isn’t the only entity that made key decisions for the future last week.

‘Line’ Items: Offsets and Coming to a Resolution on the Budget

Congress Extends Unemployment Benefits, Along With the Deficit – Last week Congress extended expanded unemployment benefits,
Apr 14, 2010 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

Between the ‘Lines’: A Midweek Update

Up-Hill Battle for the Budget – Democratic leaders in Congress are